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Just imagine

Imagine a world where you reach your work place with a broken glass, and noisy brakes, spend all your day at work, running up and down, now the day is over and you are about to leave, you come out of work to your car, fixed and ready to go, with new glass, and calm and quite brakes

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Offers and Services

Our services includes but are not limited to the services mentioned below, if you are ever in doubt if we provide a specific service, feel free to contact us

Vehicle general check up

General vehicle check is never a bad thing, we will go through your car, checking each system general status to make sure that every component is performing the best way possible

Dedicated engineers

At any point of time, there is an engineer from MAN Auto Services following up your car, making sure every thing is carried out the way you want it

Delivary from, and back to you

Where ever you like inside the state of Khartoum, we will arrange with you to pick up your car, take it to our workshop, and it will be delivered right back to you in the same location, or any other location you prefer

Maintenance and repairs

What do you need for car? Engine check, brake repair, noisy suspension Hot air conditioning? is that it?, or maybe you want a new horn? stereo system? tented windows? or maybe as simple as checking your tyres? we cover all of that and more

Contact Us

Feel free to reach us through any of our social media accounts, phone numbers, or here by filling below form